Annual Report

2015annualreportcover42015 Annual Report

JCWC’s 20th anniversary
New 10-year Action Plan
Tacoma MAX boardwalk opening
Street tree inventories in Powellhurst-Gilbert

2014annualreportcover2014 Annual Report

Prioritization of 273 culverts throughout watershed
Science Pub Talks
Riparian program


2013annualreportcover2013 Annual Report

Rain garden at Saint Mary Ethiopian Orthodox Church
Salmon habitat improvements  at Tacoma MAX Station
Fish passage & stream flow assessments
Work with stream side landowners

2012annualreportcover2012 Annual Report

Citizen science research and monitoring projects
Statistics on fish surveys
JCWC’s volunteer program


2011annualreportcover2011 Annual Report

Messages from Board Chair and Executive Director
Current strategic plan
Johnson Creek Interjurisdictional Committee
Outreach and educational efforts

2010annualreportcover2010 Annual Report

Launch of the Conservation Registry
Watershed Wide annual volunteer event
Freshwater mussel surveys
Youth Engage Program