Welcome, AmeriCorps Blue Two!

We are so grateful to have an NCCC team volunteering their time by the creek this winter! The team will be pulling invasive species like blackberry and ivy, as well as planting native shrubs and forest understory plants.

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Service Learning is Back!

In the first two weeks of February, we partnered with Friends of Trees and Portland Parks and Recreation for two socially-distanced service learning events at Powell Butte. Staff from our organizations worked with fifth graders and ninth graders from Portland Waldorf School. To comply with Covid safety regulations, we split students into three groups of […]

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What’s That Weed?

Introduced species:  Lesser celandine (Ficara verna, formerly Ranunculus ficaria) Characteristics:  Lesser celandine, also known as fig buttercup, is an herbaceous, perennial plant, with a basal rosette of dark green, shiny, stalked leaves that are kidney- to heart-shaped; these are starting to appear now in the Portland area. The glossy, butter-yellow flowers open in March and […]

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New Years & Intersectional Environmentalism

So it is already 2021, this year just making it through 2020 is a win! We thank all of you that have volunteered, attended a virtual meeting and supported us financially during these pandemic times. This year we have been thinking alot about intersectional environmentalism and wanted to share some resources with you. “What is […]

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