Beaver Surveyors

Welcome Beaver Surveyors!

If you’re looking to learn about beaver in the watershed, visit our Beaver Science page to see survey history, an interactive map of beaver activity through the watershed, and information on beavers. 

chewed-treeThis summer and fall of 2019, we are excited to run our Community Science program’s fourth year of Beaver Surveys! Surveyors learn and document signs of beaver activity, walking mile-long reaches of Johnson Creek and its main tributaries in small groups.

Surveyors, this is your resource hub!

Training materials:

Data Entry:

Anecdata – Beaver Project Page
(online version; enter your data here – remember to return paper form with gear)

Beaver Diaries 2016

Background: What are the Beaver Diaries?
The Beaver Diaries are a public forum created for volunteers helping survey for beaver dams and activity in the summer. Volunteers from the surveys post comments and photos about their experiences wading through different sections of Johnson Creek looking for beaver in summer 2016. Enjoy the read.