Parks Naturalist Journal Entries

Here are Parks Naturalist Journal entries. To learn more about the program, from our top menu hover over “Volunteer” and click on “Stewardship Programs”


Date of volunteer work: 02/16/2018. Site Name: wahoo. Number of hours worked: 1.0. Field notes: site was in pretty good shape. a small amount of trash (cans, bottles, etc) and there was evidence of a recent small camp. Talked with neighbor who lives across the street from the site and Kevin said they had just […]

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Date of volunteer work: 02/12/2018. Site Name: Altig. Number of hours worked: 1. Field notes: Entered on Anderegg Trail. I noticed two distinct paths people have forged by going off-trail just below the summit of Wildhorse Trail that head down toward the main paved path. Observed two red-tail hawks riding the thermals together. Shrubs are […]

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Mitch Schneiter

Date of volunteer work: 02/05/2018. Site Name: Indian Creek Natural Area. Number of hours worked: 2. Field notes: I did some more clean up around Indian Creek. Making progress. Alot of today’s trash was old garbage around the back edge of the area.

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Peter Colistro

Date of volunteer work: 01/26/2018. Site Name: Veterans Creek. Number of hours worked: 1.5. Field notes: Over all condition of the site was good. The creek was at an average level from me experience. I noticed one individual that appeared to come from the adjacent apartment complex playing with her dog off leash near the […]

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Kim Altig

Date of volunteer work: 02/06/2018. Site Name: Powell Butte. Number of hours worked: 1. Field notes: Hiked Wildhorse trail to Summit Lane to Meadowland Lane to Pipeline Lane to Access Road and out on Anderegg Trail, about 3 Miles. Heard a lot of birds and frogs. The park looks clean and in good shape. A […]

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