Parks Naturalist Journal Entries

Here are Parks Naturalist Journal entries. To learn more about the program, from our top menu hover over “Volunteer” and click on “Stewardship Programs”

Mitch Schneiter

Date of volunteer work: 10/14/2018. Site Name: Indian Creek Natural Area. Number of hours worked: 0.25. Field notes: I walked to Indian Creek Natural Area this morning with the intention of picking up trash. As I approached the Natural Area I observed a white van parked right at the start of the newly built trail. […]

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Carole Miles

Date of volunteer work: 10/04/2018. Site Name: Powell Butte Nature Park. Number of hours worked: 1.20. Field notes: I used the 148th entrance off Powell Blvd. Having not much time but feeling the urge to visit the park, I walked up the Elderberry trail to the top of the stairs, SW on the Holgate trail, […]

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Michael Babbit

Date of volunteer work: 09/30/2018. Site Name: Erroll Heights. Number of hours worked: 2. Field notes: Great fall day. Beavers have adapted to low water in the west dam by raising water level in the next dam by 4 inches. Dam 3 also is being reinforced and deepened. Coyotes, racoons, deer appreciating the new dry […]

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Date of volunteer work: 10/02/2018. Site Name: Brannen Property/Johnson Creek Park (west). Number of hours worked: 1.0. Field notes: A camp I reported a month or so ago at creekside is still there although I couldn’t tell if it was still occupied. At least a tent is still there and up. Another person was camping […]

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Hanna Heddy

Date of volunteer work: 09/28/2018. Site Name: Foster Floodplains. Number of hours worked: 1. Field notes: We entered from the parking lot. Flowering plants included Queen Anne’s Lace, Chicory, and a yellow knee-high flower which I did not recognize, but it thickly lined the cement path. As far as invasives, we saw Himalayan blackberry and […]

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