Extend your reach!

Next May Johnson Creek Watershed Council will turn 25. As a community, we’ve done a tremendous amount of restoration, and the creek and the people & wildlife that depends on it have benefited. In the past quarter century, we–many thousands of us–have planted between 400,000 & 500,000 trees and shrubs in the watershed, added hundreds […]

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What’s That Weed?

Weed of the Month:  Spurge Laurel (Daphne laureola) Characteristics Spurge laurel is a slow-growing, shade-tolerant, long-lived evergreen shrub from Europe and the Mediterranean region.  It can grow in a wide range of conditions, but it thrives in full to partial shade and well-drained soils.  The berries, leaves and bark are poisonous to humans, cats and […]

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Thank you Clean-Up Volunteers!

The numbers are in! 4.5 tons of trash were removed by 150+ STELLAR volunteers during our 12th annual Johnson Creek Clean-Up! Each and every person who came to remove trash is literally a CREEK HERO- thank you all so much! We also had rad helpers from teams who came out-Clackamas RotaryPrecision Castparts Corp.Oregon Zoo Environmental […]

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