Sep 10, 2019

Michael Babbit

Date of volunteer work: 09/06/2019.
Site Name: Erroll Heights.
Number of hours worked: 2.
Field notes:

Lots of birds on the western pond, including the seldom seen green heron. They appreciate that the beavers have dammed up the outflow structure, re-creating the large lake that was there last spring. The ‘set’ water level was 5.5 feet, but it’s now at 7.2 feet.; that much depth change makes a big difference in square footage of water surface.
I spent about an hour cutting down Canada thistle; its going to seed so Im a little late, but it will weaken the plant, and reduce wind spread seed.
Some metal fire pit parts had been thrown into the water next to the bridge, so I dragged it out of the water to near the trail; I’ll bring gloves next time to haul it out if it’s still there next week. Otherwise, quiet as usual at Errol Heights.