Salmon Surveyors

Welcome Salmon Surveyors!


comm-sci-imageFor the last 6 years, volunteers have surveyed stretches of Johnson Creek from October-December for signs of salmon breeding activity. These surveys have generated invaluable data that have allowed the watershed council to prioritize restoration projects that aid the recovery of salmon. Thank you, Salmon Surveyors, for your important work!

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Email us at [email protected] or call 503-652-7477 ext 102.

Training materials:

Data Sheet (hard copies in office)
Checklist + FAQs (hard copies in office)
Fish ID Quiz (hard copies in office)
Salmon Surveyor Orientation Quiz (hard copies in office)
Spawning Survey Presentation – ODFW
Volunteer Logistics Presentation – JCWC
Johnson Creek Presentation


Data Entry:
Salmon Survey Form (Online version; enter your data here)


Salmon Diaries 2016

Background: What are the Salmon Diaries?
The Salmon Diaries are a public forum created for volunteers helping survey for coho salmon in the fall and winter. Volunteers from the surveys post comments and photos about their experiences wading through five different sections of Johnson Creek looking for salmon from Oct. 22-Dec. 17, 2016. Enjoy the read.

Helpful Links:
PowerPoints and videos from Volunteer Orientations.
The Salmon Diaries from 2015.
The Salmon Diaries from 2014.


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