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Students participating in an ecology scavenger hunt, observing a pile of bones

Every year, Johnson Creek Watershed Council works with 1000 students and over 30 teachers from kindergarten to college level. Our environmental education model is service learning-based. Students volunteer with us on restoration projects such as tree planting or invasive species removal, and also participate in educational activities! This field-based, hands-on education forms an ethic of stewardship, and creates engaging learning opportunities that get kids outdoors.

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What we do

Service-based environmental education: we bring students on service-learning trips for unique outdoor environmental education. Service projects create place-based investment in nature, help to restore degraded habitat, and are fun! We pair this hands-on work with a curriculum that is tailored to the class. We lead student groups from elementary school all the way through college level – for free. We are also sometimes able to assist with funding for transportation!

Typical programming options include: tree planting, invasive species removal, trash pickup, water quality testing, macroinvertebrate monitoring, wildlife surveys, nature walks, ecology scavenger hunts, riparian ecology lessons, site tours, plant monitoring, and more! We work with teachers and partners to design projects and curriculum that are relevant for students and beneficial for habitat and wildlife!

Contact Drew at [email protected] if you would like to learn more about our program, or set up a field trip for your class!

Some examples of service-learning trips from the past few years:

Educational Resources and Curriculum

Do it yourself projects

Support native pollinators with a DIY bee hotel!

Other groups providing environmental education opportunities in Oregon:

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