Stewardship Programs

JCWC facilitates several stewardship programs as volunteer opportunities: Creek Crew Leaders, Parks Naturalists, and Green Street Stewards. Click here to learn more about Creek Crew Leaders, and read on below for more on Parks Naturalists & Green Street Stewards!

Parks Naturalists and Green Street Stewards adopt a park, or stormwater facility (bioswale) in the watershed and perform cleanup or restoration work on a monthly basis for the year. See below for more information; fill out our Volunteer Application to apply!

Parks Naturalists (June start)
Parks Naturalists are our eyes on the parks and help us understand park usage patterns by human, wildlife, and plant life. These Naturalists adopt a park or natural area near Johnson Creek, and are given special permission to access the area for this work. We ask for a commitment of at least 2 hours each month for 12 consecutive months. Each cohort begins in June and runs through the following June.

Parks Naturalists, here are your resources:


Green Street Stewards
Green Street Stewards adopt a street and improve watershed health by picking up trash, removing leaves and debris, clearing curb openings and overflow drains, and occasionally weeding and watering green street facilities. The position typically consists of 2 hours each month, over a period of 12 months; sign up anytime.

Green Street Stewards, here are your resources: