What’s That Weed?

Introduced species: Spotted jewelweed (Impatiens capensis) Description: A far more common non-native Impatiens species than last month’s feature, spotted jewelweed is–as one might expect from a congener–similar in some respects, but different in others. This precociously-seeding annual reaches up to 1.5 m (5 ft), with coarsely-toothed, egg-shaped leaves (roughly 8 cm x 4 cm, or […]

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Welcome Bilingual Nature Interns

We are excited to be working with Helen Chen and Khan Tung! Read on to find out more about them, their roles, and what inspired them to work with us. Helen Chen is a Bilingual Intern at Johnson Creek Watershed Council. They are currently a junior attending Westview High School. They like to listen to […]

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Removing Barriers – A Key to Sustainability

by Jon R. Biemer Removing barriers can foster sustainability, whether we are talking about the world of commerce, a salmon run, or our back yard. The Ever Given Circumstances in Egypt offer a macro-scale demonstration of the importance of barrier removal.   On March 23, 2021, the 1,300- foot container ship Ever Given lodged cross-ways in […]

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Job Board

Below entries were posted 6/10/21: AmeriCorps Riparian and Outreach Specialist, Johnson Creek Watershed Council! Restoration Associate, Willamette River Keeper Habitat Restoration Intern, Willamette River Keeper Upper Watershed Community Engagement Intern, Willamette River Keeper Green Space Program Manager, Friends of Trees Green Space Specialist, Friends of Trees Open until filled – Seasonal, part-time Visitor Services Specialist, […]

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Earth Day Service Learning with Portland Waldorf

This past Earth Day we continued our longstanding partnership with watershed residents and longtime volunteers, Gary and Sharon Klein. On this day for the past 10 years, we met Portland Waldorf students at the Klein’s property located at the confluence of Johnson Creek and the Willamette River. Typically, students pull trash from the creek and […]

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