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2021 Johnson Creek Clean-Up

Aug 21, 2021 @ 8:30 am - 1:00 pm

REGISTRATION REQUIRED- Scroll down to register by site!

Come join Johnson Creek Watershed Council for our annual creek clean up! This is part of our ongoing effort to create a healthier Johnson Creek. Each year people come together to join forces to remove ~5 tons of garbage. 😉 Be part of the change with us! This year we are focusing on small groups and social distancing but we will still clean up the creek and make a change together.

Hooray- we will be getting back in the water this year!


Saturday, August 21, 8:30am – 1pm

8:30am-12pm: meet for a small group (1- 10 people) trash pick up at your site 

12pm: Burritos delivered to your site

12-1pm: Burrito time if you feel like sticking around!


Select a site and register via link below. We are keeping teams at less than 10 people for safety, so please stick to your registered site.

Ready to pick up trash? Choose one of the sites and register below!

How do I choose my site?

1. Are you, or a minor you are signing up for shorter than 4 feet, OR do you prefer not to remove trash from the water and stay on land instead?

     If so, you have two options:

     A: Please choose a land site, assess its location on the map above, then scroll down to register for your site below. 

     B: Please scroll down to ‘volunteer support roles’ section and sign up there.  

If you are not shorter than 4 feet and want to get in the water to remove trash, go to step 2.

Land sites are:

Mill Park

Tideman-Johnson Park FULL

Errol Heights Park

Gresham Woods

2. You are taller than 4 feet. You would like to remove trash from the water. From the following color codes that describe physical accessibility attributes for each site. Which type best describes the site you would most like to remove trash from? 

Green Mostly flat pathways or mostly flat creek section, clear access points to the area and family friendly appropriate for youth with attentive adult(s). 

Yellow Pathways are relatively flat with some uphill sections, creek sections may have deep sections best for taller people and people who are comfortable navigating over logs or on more steep hill sections. Sections have a mixture of flat and some steep areas or deeper sections for in creek walking. 

Red Creek sections have deep water and/or steep sections that cannot be avoided, best for tallest people comfortable navigating deeper water.  

3. Now that you’ve decided which color code is best for you from the list above, check out the map above and see which site is most appealing to you. Find your site in one of the links below, click it, and fill out the waiver. When you register, you’ll receive an email with more information from us shortly! 


Willamette Upstream-Green

Tideman Johnson Upstream-Green



Berkeley Pl. Upstream-Yellow

Cedar Crossing-Yellow SITE FULL

Errol Heights Park-DRY LAND PARK TEAM –Yellow

Gresham Woods-DRY LAND PARK TEAMYellow


Johnson Creek Park Upstream-Red FULL NO MORE SPOTS AVAILABLE

Bell Station Upstream-Red

82nd Downstream-Red MORE HELP NEEDED HERE!

82nd Upstream-Red MORE HELP NEEDED HERE!

92nd Upstream-Red MORE HELP NEEDED HERE!

92nd Downstream-Red MORE HELP NEEDED HERE!


Don’t want to pick up trash this year but still want to help? We need help for a lot of volunteer jobs (37 roles in all!) that are NOT getting in the water to remove trash from the creek.  If you are interested in photography, transporting or sorting trash, or want a job where you can sit and wait for burritos to be delivered at 1/20 of the sites- WE NEED YOU!!!

You can sign up for these support roles here.



We will be working in small teams and staying with those small groups rather than meeting in a larger group. This is due to physical distancing needs during the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis. 

We are working with our partners to hold events only when we can reasonably provide measures to prevent the spread of communicable disease. 

Here are the precautions we will be taking at this and other events:

  • Smaller group sizes
  • Provide access to water and soap or hand sanitizer at project sites
  • Post signs with hygiene protocol at event sites
  • Keep active watch of CDC and County/City Health Department updates
  • Review protocol with all volunteers at the beginning of each project
  • If food is provided, it will be pre-packaged

We ask that our volunteers:

  • Bring and wear a mask
  • Bring their own full water bottle
  • Bring their own gloves for outdoor projects
  • Wash hands thoroughly for 20 seconds with soap and water before coming
  • Maintain physical distance of 6 feet from others during events
  • Stay home if sick or have been around someone who is sick or suspect that they have been exposed to the coronavirus
  • Bring hand sanitizer (70% alcohol) to share if available
  • Cough and sneeze into tissue or arm/sleeve to avoid spreading droplets
  • Stay home if immunocompromised or susceptible to respiratory infections


Please wear a mask for the entire duration of the event.

Please wear sturdy closed-toed shoes that you can wear in the water.

Instruction, tools, and water provided.

Children who are over 48″ tall are welcome, and must be accompanied by an attentive adult. If you are bringing a little one who is shorter than 48″, be sure to sign up for a green, land site.

Meet at the site you have chosen on the map, be sure to register for that site on the form below.

Taking public transit? We have free bus fare for you! Be ready to show bus fare at the event and we’ll hit you back with 2 to compensate your travel to and from.

Questions? Email [email protected] or call 503.652.7477 ext 101.


Johnson Creek Watershed Council would like to thank American Rivers, Clackamas Water Environment Services, North Clackamas Parks and Recreation, Portland Parks and Recreation, SOLVE, Central City Concern, Ground Score, Sunset Garbage Collection, Hoodview Disposal and Recycling, Rose CDC, and the City of Portland’s Bureau of Environmental Services for their partnership and support. Also a big thanks to the Mintkeski Family Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation. Thanks for working with us to create a brighter future for Johnson Creek! 


Aug 21, 2021
8:30 am - 1:00 pm
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