Come take a field trip with us and learn about the amazing features of the Johnson Creek Watershed.

All field trips are FREE, but transportation is not included.

No budget for transportation? No Problem! We have limited funding to provide to schools to bus out your students! Just include this need in your email.

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Every year, Johnson Creek Watershed Council works with over 30 teachers and 1000 students from kindergarten to college level. Our environmental education model is service learning-based. We know that learning by doing is powerful, so students volunteer with us on restoration projects such as tree planting or invasive species removal, and deepen that experience with educational activities that match the project of the day. This field-based, hands-on education forms an ethic of stewardship, creates place-based investment in nature, and helps to restore degraded habitat.  And we always pair hands-on work with a curriculum that is interesting and fun for the class!

Tools and equipment are always provided. Students must wear durable clothes and closed-toe shoes!

Contact [email protected] if you would like to learn more about our program, or set up a field trip for your class.

Funding for this program provided by:

The Gray Family Foundation

Herbert A. Templeton Foundation

Clackamas Water Environment Services