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What’s That Weed?

Introduced species: Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) Characteristics: Fennel is a perennial herb of the carrot family, with finely-dissected green leaves–similar to those of dill– and a strong anise scent. Leaves and seeds of this plant are used in cooking; some varieties have a large, bulb-like base to the stem, which is also eaten. Fennel may reach […]

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Family and Teacher Resources for Students

Lent K-8 School at Leach Botanical Garden We are all stuck at home trying to entertain ourselves during this current health crisis and for some parents/teachers, they are tasked with engaging large amounts of young students while trying to stay sane.  Below is a list of environmental education and COVID-19 resources that the Johnson Creek […]

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Social Distancing with a side of Garlic Mustard

Dakota Tangredi, Marissa Eckman, Jessica Huang, Abby Kaplan, Drew Donahue, and Noah Jenkins getting ready for their first garlic mustard field day while maintaining 6 feet As most of our volunteer events have been canceled due to the current health crisis, this, unfortunately, does not cancel invasive species that have been overrunning Johnson Creek Watershed. […]

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