Get Involved in Johnson Creek!

We ARE a community!

When you get involved with the Johnson Creek Watershed Council, you can make a difference. We are restoring habitat and building stewardship to improve habitat for the fish, wildlife, and people that call this watershed home. Getting involved means working with neighbors, friends, and community members doing good work and tranforming our shared beliefs into action. Johnson Creek belongs to all of us, and when we work together, we can ensure that the watershed is healthy and welcoming to all!

Come Join Us!


Volunteerism is at the core of our organization. So much of the work we do depends on the support of our community, whether that’s cleaning up Johnson Creek or monitoring beaver, salmon, and other wildlife that call this watershed home. We’d love for you to join us–again and again! And we’ve got so much to share! We can do this!

Learn about the watershed

Come take a field trip with us and learn about the amazing features of the Johnson Creek watershed. Field-based, hands-on education forms an ethic of stewardship, creates place-based investment in nature, and helps restore degraded habitat. And we always pair hands-on work with a curriculum that is interesting and fun for the class!

We have links to a number of educational resources here.

Serve our Board of Directors

The Board of Directors sets strategy, oversees management, and protects the interests of our stakeholders.

Maybe you can’t commit to that level of service, but you have a skill you’d like to share. We have several committess that could use your help!


Are you a landowner in the Johnson Creek watershed interested in restoring some of the natural structure and diversity that can improve watershed health? We’d love to help! CreekCare is a program designed for you!

Community Events

We are always looking for ways to engage with our community. Find us at community fairs, festivals, holiday celebrations, park openings, and more. We also give public talks and host science symposia!

Say Wah Paw, an intern with JCWC and member of OPAL’s YEJA program, tabling for JCWC at the 2017 Jade District Night Market.

Make a Donation!

Are you looking for another way to get involved? Johnson Creek Watershed Council is a 501 (c)3 organization, so your donations are tax deductible. So much of our operating budget relies on the generousity of our community!

Become a Creek Hero by donating $250 or more!

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