Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is dedicated to the restoration of Johnson Creek Watershed. Through their excellent leadership, the Johnson Creek Watershed Council has been able to restore and improve habitat throughout the watershed. The board recently completed a new Strategic Plan that incorporates our dedication to an inclusive future, and they are actively involved in fundraising to make that future a reality.

We are always interested in building the capacity of our board. If you are interested in serving on the board as a volunteer or a jurisdictional representative, or if you would like to volunteer for a committee, please read more about our needs by clicking the button below.

JCWC Board, February, 2024: l to r: Kathy Dang, Denise Lopez, Tamra Dickinson, Marianne Colgrove, Jacob Neal, Damon Schrosk, Shirley Craddick, Andrew Swanson, Katie Holzer (missing: Tim Crawley, Roy Iwai)

Jacob Neal

Former Chair; Senior Environmental Specialist, Portland General Electric; Committees: Executive, Fundraising

Jacob Neal joined the Johnson Creek Watershed Council Board in January, 2021. He works in the Environmental Department at Portland General Electric and is in his 20th year working as an environmental scientist and project manager in the Pacific Northwest. He is a lifelong fisherman and enjoys all things active and outdoors. Jacob is an avid supporter of watershed health and maintaining urban greenways; recognizing the importance of access to healthy natural surroundings for every person.

Damon Schrosk

Vice Chair; Urban Forest Director for Oregon, A-Plus Tree, Inc

Damon Schrosk is an International Society of Arboriculture Board Certified Master Arborist, former owner of JCWC Riffle Award winning Treecology, Inc, and partner in Treecology Consulting Group, LLC. He has been actively involved with arboriculture, urban forestry, wildlife biology, and restoration ecology in the Portland area for 25 years. Damon has served on numerous non-profit and advisory boards and has been volunteering with JCWC since 2018.

Tim Crawley

Treasurer, Former Chair; Attorney at Law, Preg, O’Donnell & Gillett; Committees: Executive, Facilities

Timothy Crawley has been a volunteer with Johnson Creek since 2013 and joined its Board in 2015. He currently serves on the Executive Committee and as the Board Secretary. He is an advocate for the environment and is passionate about habitat restoration for our local species, particularly the salmon that populate our rivers and creeks.

Marianne Colgrove

Deputy IT Director, Reed College; Founder, Friends of Tideman Johnson; Committees: Facilities, Fundraising

I’ve been involved with JCWC since 2007 when I helped found the Friends of Tideman Johnson and the Council sponsored our first Community Watershed Stewardship Grant.

Shirley Craddick


Shirley Craddick is a former Metro Councilor, representing the east part of the Metro region, including east Portland, Gresham, Fairview, Wood Village, Troutdale, the east part of Happy Valley, and the unincorporated area of Clackamas County in the Metro boundary. She also served on the Gresham City Council from 2005 through 2010.

After retiring in 2003, Shirley became interested in the city of Gresham’s activities. Her goal and passion were to have the City of Gresham, along with the other cities in the east Metro region, be the most sought-after cities to live and work in the Portland area. The area is a beautiful place to live, and focusing on the environment, stream health, and water quality is very important. With Metro’s support, Shirley is really proud of the improvements that have been made along Johnson Creek during her tenure on the Metro Council.

Kathy Dang

Jurisdictional Representative, City of Portland

Kathy Dang is excited to join the City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) Community Engagement Team and support the Johnson Creek Watershed Council and Eastside partnerships, community grants, and planning projects. Before BES, she worked with Portland Parks and Recreation (PPR) in their Equity and Inclusion Team, supporting language access and developing a translation glossary in collaboration with community liaisons and staff from PPR, Portland Water Bureau, and BES. Outside of work, she enjoys tending her own garden, growing food and flowers, and exploring nature with her family and two kids, ages 7 and 11. Kathy considers herself a plant and people person and is excited to dig into this work!

Tamra Dickinson

Secretary; Committees: Executive

Tamra Dickinson has enjoyed living in the Johnson Creek watershed for over 30 years. During this time she witnessed dramatic restoration results along Johnson Creek, as well as JCWC’s community involvement and education. This connection between the environment and community inspired her to join the JCWC board. With an MA in Organization Development, Tamra’s career has spanned outdoor education, wellness, and human resources. She enjoys hiking, paddling, skiing, biking, and exploring our beautiful northwest ecosystems. Tamra looks forward to working with others to help steward and restore our diverse Johnson Creek watershed.

Katie Holzer

Jurisdictional Representative, City of Gresham; Committees: Interjurisdictional

Katie is a Watershed Scientist for the City of Gresham. She has a PhD in ecology and spends her time studying the interactions between the stormwater, soils, streams, and wildlife. She has volunteered with the Council since 2008, has been serving on the Board since 2015, and is the Chair of the Johnson Creek Inter-Jurisdictional Committee.

Roy Iwai

Jurisdictional Representative, Multnomah County; Committees: Community Inclusion, Interjurisdictional

I manage the Water Quality Program for Multnomah County’s Transportation Division as the Water Resources Specialist. I have a keen interest in fish of all kinds and so I approach watershed management from a fish’s point of view. I am an idealist and optimist, and I believe we will learn how to live with nature.

Denise López


Denise López is an environmental and social justice advocate passionate about serving and motivating communities to protect their local environments. She has worked with communities of color on a variety of projects like equitable access to green spaces in Portland, Chicago, and Hanoi. 

Growing up in Gresham, Oregon, Denise loved showing her family from Los Ángeles and Mexico the gorgeous landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. Prior to joining Friends of the Columbia Gorge in 2021, Denise worked for the Portland Bureau of Planning & Sustainability, the Environmental Law & Policy Center in Chicago, and the Nature Conservancy in Markham, Illinois. She’s driven to be a part of change in her community by encouraging others to join, dream, and accomplish more together. Denise holds a bachelor’s in environmental sociology and public health from Northwestern University. In her her free time she enjoys baking, paddling, chasing after her well-loved cats.

Andrew Swanson

Jurisdictional Representative, Clackamas Water Environment Services (WES)

Andrew grew up near Beaverton, Oregon, and graduated from Sunset High School. In 1991, he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from the University of Oregon. Since 1998, he has lived in Clackamas County near Happy Valley with his wife and family. He has worked for Clackamas WES for over 25 years and has continuously advocated for protecting and enhancing the health of the Johnson Creek Watershed during his career with Clackamas WES.

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