Johnson Creek Confluence /
Milwaukie Bay

Large Wood Placement (Channel): 900 ft Lat-long: 45.4444 -122.6440
at the Confluence of Johnson Creek and the Willamette River

Expected Outcomes

This project is a multi-phased effort to design, permit, and construct large wood complexes in the lowest reach of Johnson Creek, including the confluence with the Willamette River. This area is very important to salmon and steelhead populations, especially spring Chinook, because lower Johnson Creek is a cold water refuge. It’s also an important rearing area for fish that leave their natal streams early to rear in the more productive lower Willamette. Little of this habitat remains in the lower Willamette, however, making areas like lower Johnson Creek especially valuable.

The first phase of this project, the TA phase, will design and model site location hydrology and evaluate where and what type of log structures can be installed, including construction implementation techniques.

Renderings for potential impacts of large woody debris on resting and rearing habitat at the confluence of Lower Johnson Creek and the Willamette River. Left: before, Right: after.

Target Completion – September 2024

Because of it’s proximity to the Willamette River, this project will benefit both lower and upper Willamette salmon and steelhead stocks.

Project Partners


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