Family and Teacher Resources for Students

Lent K-8 School at Leach Botanical Garden We are all stuck at home trying to entertain ourselves during this current health crisis and for some parents/teachers, they are tasked with engaging large amounts of young students while trying to stay sane.  Below is a list of environmental education and COVID-19 resources that the Johnson Creek […]

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Rain in an Urban Jungle: Pollution, flooding, and erosion

RSVP REQUIRED for this event! Water that washes from yards, streets and parking lots often flows directly into our waterways, which is detrimental to wildlife, including Threatened and Endangered salmon species. Actions we take as a community and as individuals can decrease this impact. This stormwater science talk is an opportunity to learn how we […]

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3rd Annual Science Symposium

Come learn about recent watershed restoration and research in the Johnson Creek Watershed from agency, non-profit, and university partners.  Twelve speakers will each give 12-minute presentations in three sessions: Upper watershed restoration, water quality, habitat. Each session will have time for Q&A.  Pre-registration / tickets are required. The Symposium filled in 2015 & 2016.  Click […]

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