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Wild Gresham

Biologist Katie Holzer, photographer Caz Zyvatkauskas, and JCWC would like to invite you to our Wild Gresham event! Come and see all the ways Gresham wildlife shows itself along the creek on Saturday, March 16th from 11am-12pm at the Gresham City Library! You’ll see wildlife photos and videos taken in Gresham, along with wildlife trivia […]

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So Good, Too Brief–Thank You, Blue 7!

Our six weeks with this year’s AmeriCorps NCCC team went by in about a month and a half. It felt much shorter, though! JCWC offers heartfelt thanks to the Blue 7 team, who helped put well over 5,000 new native plants in the ground, worked with more than 100 students, and provided huge help to […]

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What’s That Weed?

Invasive:  Garlic Mustard (Alliaria petiolata) Characteristics:  Garlic mustard is an herbaceous “biennial” (more on that in a minute) with a deep, white taproot.  The rosettes, formed in the first year, are short (<20 cm = 8 in), with heart-shaped leaves that produce a distinct garlic odor when crushed. Rosettes will often persist through the winter, […]

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Our Fabulous Winter Interns

  The Johnson Creek Watershed Council works with many interns each year, from bilingual, community science data, to watershed engagement interns. They keep the wheels at the council turning, working in seasonal cohorts to recruit volunteers, manage data, acquire donations, create events, provide IT and event support, and spread the word via social and traditional […]

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Big New Grant for Fish Passage and Habitat Restoration

Four Councils Working Together We are excited to announce that the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board has awarded nearly $3.5 million in restoration funding to the Clackamas Partnership, of which JCWC is a core partner. This is a two-year grant, and additional funding is expected in the subsequent four years (total of $8.7M, of which about […]

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