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What’s That Weed?

This month’s weed is no stranger to anyone who’s spent much time in the Pacific northwest; whether you’ve been scratched by its prodigious thorns, gathered its fruit on a summer hike, or just driven by it on a country road, you’ve probably met Armenian blackberry (Rubus bifrons). Wait: Armenian? Isn’t it “Himalayan?” Well, yes and no. […]

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Come Count Fish With Us!

The arrival of winter means Lamprey and Steelhead Surveys are upon us! JCWC Community Outreach Coordinator, Adrienne, writing here to personally invite you to Lamprey & Steelhead Surveyor Orientation. But first, a little bit of vocabulary….. LAMPREY: Also known as Eel, Lamprey are slender prehistoric fish with distinct jawless and funnel-like mouths. Two species, Pacific Lamprey […]

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