7th and 8th Grade Internship at Johnson Creek Watershed

Johnson creek watershed is a fun place to go if you are an outdoor person, or just enjoy being outside. We are 7th and 8th grade interns from Southwest Charter School that like nature. We came to Johnson Creek every Thursday for 8 weeks and got to experience something new each week. While we have been here we have explored this wonderful park. We are here because we are outdoors people, so we have really enjoyed this internship. The purpose of this internship is to learn while still having fun and enjoying the outdoors. This also gives us the opportunity to gain some work-like experience and give back to the community.IMG_1494


If you are going to visit the park we suggest you go into the water. You should bring waterproof boots and/or Johnson Creek Watershed Council can let you borrow a pair. Also the view is nice and there is a path if you want to bike or walk through the park. While we were here we saw many different kinds of wildlife, trees, bugs, and flower, “but dem weevils doe.”


While we where here we researched the Bumble Bee Project that is a organization built to help catalog bees. The main purpose is for scientists to see and study bee’s that we thought to be long gone. 


Also if BEES are forever lost on the face of the earth then who will be the main pollinators? Without them we could go extinct. The bees are pollinators. Pollinators are insects that move from plant to plant collecting and dumping pollen between plants. Pollinating creates seeds which make plants, which gives us food, resources (wood flowers herbs, pain relievers etc.) and sometimes shelter.
 In order to help you first find the bees. You then have to take a picture of them. What you have to do next is to post a picture on the site above. After you post the picture include the following information for the scientists to check: floral host, observation notes, if they are big, how many there are, and location. If you get your info about the bee correct then they will put your picture on their map. This will help the scientists see what types of bees are present in what locations and help them to track endangered species.
We suggest that everyone creates an account to help these scientists log and track the bees, in and around Johnson Creek Watershed/Oregon.

Check out this link for a cool video about endangered bumble bees.


We studied the creek and found and saw  an otter and captured a crawdad,and a small fish. ♦♦♦. We have enjoyed this enter-ship so much. We hope that we can come back next year!◊♠♣♥♦

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