Welcome Emily D’achiardi

Welcome Watershed Engagement and Salmon Survey Intern! Emily D’achiardi will be serving as our salmon survey intern for the 2020-21 term! She is from Atlanta, Georgia and is currently a freshman at Reed College pursuing an undergraduate degree in environmental studies. She plans to have a concentration in either political science or biology for her […]

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AmeriCorps Day of Service at Mitchell Creek

Unforeseen wildfires cancelled what was originally slated as an orientation event for a new crop of AmeriCorps members recruited by Confluence Environmental Center. In mid-October, after the skies had cleared, members and staff gathered in masks to restore the creek and survey previous restoration efforts. Riparian Project Manager Noah Jenkins facilitated a survey of the […]

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What’s That Weed?

Non-native: English laurel (Prunus laurocerasus) Description: English laurel–aka cherry laurel or common laurel–is, confusingly, neither English nor a laurel, but a species of cherry native to the area around the Black Sea. (The “laurel” epithet derives from a passing similarity–in foliage and growth habit–to bay laurel [Laurus nobilis]. It is, in fact, considered a nuisance […]

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JC Science Symposium goes virtual!

Restoration, research and monitoring on Johnson Creek has continued, despite the pandemic. On Tuesday, October 20, speakers from academia, agencies and nonprofits gave eight presentations on their watershed science work during the past year. The 6th annual Johnson Creek Science Symposium was broadcast via Zoom Webinar: 128 saw it live, more than the 110 maximum […]

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