Breaking ground on a stormwater project!

As spring finally comes out of hibernation, we have broken ground restoring our stormwater project with Northwest Family Services in Clackamas County, just outside of Milwaukie:

JCWC staff decided to replace our usual weekly meeting with planting the project! Plugs of slough sedge and running sedge, as well as several sword ferns and Oregon grape plants, were installed on the site last week. Many hands made for lighter work!

A small wetland filtration system for treating stormwater runoff at this Northwest Family Services was impacted by unintended use as a camp site, which compacted the soil and killed the wetland plants.  Our restoration of the site entails soil decompaction, wetland revegetation and fence modification to protect the site from further harm. Mid-March saw site preparation; restoration of the wetland plant community came last week, and next up are modifications to the security fence to deter access to the wetland area.

The success of this project will be part of a focused stormwater outreach effort JCWC is spearheading in 2018, targeted at recruiting other businesses in the watershed to embrace stormwater filtration and water quality improvements for the benefit of fish, wildlife and people!  

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