CST Executive summary

Carbon-Sucking Tree Organization CST
A natural response to global warming.

The Problem: Too much carbon in the air is increasing the world’s temperature on the way to the collapse of our ecosystem.
The Solution: Radically increased smart planting of the very best carbon-sucking trees on earth

The carbon-saturation of our air has risen to levels not seen in three million years. One-third of this carbon would have been sequested by trees which are no longer there. Our buffer to the carbon that man generates is disappearing. If the lost trees had been alive, the saturation would have been much lower, yet still of concern, but not nearly as grave. Today, slowing world deforestation is crucial. Smarlty planting super carbon sucking giant trees, is a must.

Regional climate change is creating new habitat for new species. We grow trees here, and now, the two very best carbon-sucking trees on earth flourish in parts of Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Reducing Carbon Footprint with Redwood (0:59 video) clearly explains why these are prized carbon suckers. Planting smartly, their seedlings will shoot up six to ten feet annually; forever.

We work with Archangel Ancient Tree Archive; they were first to clone seedlings from 1,000 to 3,000 year old Coastal Redwood and Giant Sequoia. Their cloned ancient seedlings present the very best opportunity for trees that rise to the sky.

The opportunity is real, already:

• A forestry consultant planted three Coastal Redwoods along upper reaches of the Mackenzie River, east of Eugene. Three years later, each has risen to between 15’ and 18’.
• A Roseburg contact saw his Coastal Redwood seedling jump from three to twenty feet, in two years
• A lumberman spot-planted redwood on the west slope of the Coast Range (Coos Bay – Newport); they are also “shooting up.”
• From Eugene south, previously privately planted Coastal Redwoods are also shooting up.

In short: Areas with winter rains, and where fog, or other forms of airborne moisture, including evaporation for waterways are the early locations where Coastal Redwoods will sky; here.

Answering the call: We don’t have to be big, TO DO BIG

Mission Statement
Combat global warming naturally, and cost-effectively, by facilitating the planting of cloned ancient Coastal Redwood and Giant Sequoia, as well as other species which excel at cleaning the sky by consuming massive amounts of carbon from the air. Operate surgically, collaboratively, creatively, transparently.

Sleekly organized, precisely intended, the CST focuses on its essential role, we may not plant trees, but we work with anyone whose work includes trees, unearthing smart planting situations for our super-carbon sucking tree. Today, we and 110 individuals with 60 organizations are aligned: We must increase the number super carbon-sucking seedlings smartly-planted, dramatically. Passion in their voices, our collaborator’s imaginations activated upon first contact. We are hitting a wave as it accelerates.

Starting with Oregon and then moving onto Washington and British Columbia, or efforts may eventually take us to England. They had vast redwood forests and their climate is experiencing a similar change.

CST will roll-out one “pod” (unit) to start, building upon the work already accomplished, here in Oregon. A single “pod” is comprised of one (1) full-time-equivalent (FTE) contractor, plus everything required for massively networking, engaging and nurturing relationships while securing smart planting opportunities. We call ourselves “Proliferators.” The annual cost for one Proliferator is less than $49,000. Preliminary outreach determinations, leads us to anticipate the deploying of a second Proliferator within a year.

We are well positioned, by changes to our environment, to transform the climate change game by putting the fastest-growing super carbon-sucking trees into play; tipping the global balance back toward the earth.

Join us. We need you; and maybe, the earth needs all of us.


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