Catherine Goode

Date of volunteer work: 03/16/2016.
Site Name: Wahoo.
Number of hours worked: 2.
Species removed: Herb Robert.
Estimated percent cover before removal5.
Approximate square feet of invasives removed10.

Plants found: Emerging Lady fern and Sword fern fronds, stream violets, miner’s lettuce, Fringe cup, Stinging Nettle, Pacific waterleaf, Piggy back Plant, Deberry, Salmonberry, Goats Beard, Red Huckleberry, Inside out Flower, Mahonia Nervosa
Wildlife: Newt/Salamander
Invasives: Herb Robert, Ivy, Vinca, Marsh Marigold, Blackberry, Laurel

Picked up some garbage in the gully nearish the road west of parking area and along the street

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