Deborah Sipe

Date of volunteer work: 07/12/2018.
Site Name: Errol Heights.
Number of hours worked: 0.75.
Field notes:

New bark dust near 45th st. entrance; couple of pieces of trash. These were the only pieces noted throughout the natural area; it was very clean.
There is a wire enclosure on the north slope near the 45th street entrance; perhaps someone is living there?
Tall weeds along path – mostly horsetails. The wetlands area is mostly covered by algae. Observed a few swimming ducks and heard several birds. Lots of thimble berries. Evidence in a few places of side trails, i.e., to concrete structure. Also evidence of some human or large animals because of several areas of flattened grass. The meadow on the north side had been mowed and the fenced area was clean.

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