Hanna Heddy

Date of volunteer work: 11/11/2018.
Site Name: Foster Floodplains.
Number of hours worked: 1.25.
Field notes:

From the parking lot entrance, we started walking the cement path. The bridge area had quite a bit of graffiti on the cement, and on the black reflective posts before and after the bridge. We started exploring off the trail and noticed garbage was scattered here and there, so maybe its time for communal trash pickup soon. I also noticed that the English Ivy and blackberries were taking hold here and there, more than last year.

As far as plants and wildlife, we noticed Queen Anne’s Lace and Chicory were still flowering. There were lots of snowberries around. The creek is moving very slow, and we saw 19 total ducks in it. Some were mallards with the green heads. We also saw a caterpillar and a garter snake. We found an empty bird nest, 2 piles of coyote scat, and fresh deer tracks.

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