Hanna Heddy

Date of volunteer work: 1/28/2018. Site Name: Foster floodplains. Number of hours worked: 2.

Trash was scattered here and there, but not enough to call it an active camp. There was a shopping cart off the trail 100 feet towards the right, near the middle section of the natural area.

Saw coyote scat, rabbit fur, duck feathers, a Spotted Towhee bird, beaver bites and sticks, a slug, a big dead fish in pond near 110th and Cooper. Fish is a Largescale Sucker I believe. There were several wooden stakes in the pond too as debris. As far as invasive plants, I saw Himalayan blackberry and English Ivy off the trail near the magnolia tree. I don’t know which way is north and south yet in this park! Sorry I can’t describe where I was better!

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