Lora Martin

Date of volunteer work: 10/08/2016.
Site Name: Foster Floodplain.
Number of hours worked: 2.
Species removed: Himalayan blackberry.
Estimated percent cover before removal40.
Approximate square feet of invasives removed10.

I was greeted by two chickens who apparently have been hanging out at the parking lot here for a couple of weeks. They are pretty tame.
For a change, there wasn’t much garbage in the area, and none at all at the old bridge site. I had intended to pull ivy from the hillside, but got sidetracked by the blackberry I kept seeing just next to the path as I walked there. I pulled it as I found it, and when I reached the end where the fencing and big stone posts are, I ended up concentrating the rest of my time there pulling, lopping, and digging out the blackberry from that area. One of my old neighbors arrived home while I was doing this and came over to chat. It turns out that they have some chickens and so we went to check to verify there weren’t any missing-there weren’t. I STUPIDLY left my bag of tools next to the post on the path. When I returned, the bag was still there, but all the tools were gone. I hate thieves, I was so mad. I looked in a few places where there had been homeless camps before, but no luck. And the chickens are still in the parking lot.

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