Melissa Ribner

Date of volunteer work: 07/31/2021.
Site Name: JCP.
Number of hours worked: 1.5.
Field notes:

The signs on the trees are a nice addition. Because I was wearing shorts, I did not venture over the fence to get 2 large cardboard boxes on the east side of Crystal Springs Creek close to the beginning of the pathway leading to the sidewalk. I can pick them up next time. Also, there is a small mattress at the end of that same pathway as you leave the park on the right (see pic). There are signs of camping in the spot on the west side of Crystal Springs Creek at south corner of the park right by the water. Lots of trash there and some ammunition (?), either live or spent- plus a few other items (see 2 pics). I saw one person waking up w/ sleeping bag plus small amount of gear under a tree on the east side of CS Creek.

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