Melissa Ribner

Date of volunteer work: 09/28/2022.
Site Name: JCP.
Number of hours worked: 1.5.
Field notes:

There is a tent set up in between the creeks. On the picnic table in that area are some food items which I did not touch. (pic)
There is a stroller plus more trash on the west edge of JC (pic)
I found a 6 inch knife (more serious than a kitchen knife).
The camper and camper car village is still lined up on Sherrett St. The photo does not show the whole line of vehicles. I think I sent a photo of that last time.
I did not feel comfortable cleaning up along the sidewalk where all the campers are and also the edge of the park overlooking JC. If I had children, I would not want to take them to this park right now…
I checked out the east side of the park, which looked pretty clean. I’m wondering of the big trash pile-up on the right side of the road leading the the park is legal (pic).

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