Michael Babbit

Date of volunteer work: 02/22/2019.
Site Name: Erroll Heights.
Number of hours worked: 2.
Field notes:

Despite the cold, it looks like spring. Indian plum flowers unfolding, nesting activities by mallards, buffleheads, gadwall, wood ducks, oh and the Canada geese have arrived. Very noisy boy geese evrywhere. But the bog lilies are blooming (we call them skunk cabbage, but I like the English name).
And the beavers are very busy, felling alders and stripping bark. Must be family planning. Appears to be the start of a new lodge on the south side of the pond. Evidence shows there are lots of individuals at work. Water level in the main pond is lower than its been in some time, but hasn’t affected activities.
Some biennials are appearing, the rosettes of Canada thistle and teasel are appearing, so Ill bring a shovel next time. Also seeing fat buds on the elderberry, but he salmonberry, and snowberry are still sleeping.
Besides the ducks, I saw a downy woodpecker and a brown creeper and a ruby crowned kinglet.
Always a great place to visit. The camper by the bridge is gone, but a few of his materials remain.
Cold and snow, but spring is here.

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