Michael Babbit

Date of volunteer work: 06/07/2019.
Site Name: Erroll Heights.
Number of hours worked: 2.
Field notes:

Quiet day with showers looming. Saw some goslings, now teenagers, starting to show the markings of adults. Mallard ducklings are still fuzzy and tracking their moms. Lake levels are up a little, but the algae bloom is going strong. I found and marked another patch clematis that needs removal; In the meantime I pulled the vines out of the bushes to reduce damage.
Lots of sign of deer, coyote and other critters wandering through. The beavers have slowed their activity, no new chews on the north side at least.
Red elderberry are ripening as are the salmonberry, while thimbleberry are just now forming fruit. Snowberry are flowering, while the Indian plum is dropping fruit; ninebark is flowering and beginning to form seeds.

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