Michael Babbit

Date of volunteer work: 09/16/2016.
Site Name: Errol Heights.
Number of hours worked: 3.
Species removed: Clematis, nightshade.
Estimated percent cover before removal100.
Approximate square feet of invasives removed200.

I found a patch of nightshade growing out of the water and pulling down nearby shrubs. I was able to get the whole rootwad out of the water to dry out. On some other shrubs I had to just cut down the vines and strip them from the branches so they could grow upright.
I also found a small clematis patch which was reclaiming some trees. I was able to strip out the vines and cut back the stems.
Definitely signs of fall; the nettles have collapsed, leaves turning, waterfowl returning, lots of birdsong.
Also, the beaver activity continues at a high level, and the pond is getting deeper, about six inches in six months. Water flow from the headwaters has been steady all summer.
Great day, will return soon.


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