Mitch Schneiter

Date of volunteer work: 06/22/2018.
Site Name: Veterans/Indian Creek Natural Areas.
Number of hours worked: 2.
Field notes:

I started picking up trash at Veterans Creek this morning. There was a small amount of trash here and there, not too bad. One place was bad. Someone had apparently stolen 30+ movies from Walmart, then sat and removed the celephane wrapping and clear hard plastic cases and tossed it all down the side of hill toward the stream. I got most of it picked up, some was under tangles of brush I couldn’t get to.
I then went to Indian Creek and picked up trash, most was along the roadside and up around the boulders above the creek.
At the falls someone has lashed together some poles and moved rocks around to hold and brace it all. I think it’s so someone can hang something in front and then use the falls as their shower. I reported it to the Park Rangers.
I also reported piles of white powder (flour?) on the ground every 10 feet or so, as if marking a trail, leading from the road up to above the falls, then up the creek boulders marked with white powder continue on. I did not follow the marks further up the creek. I did notice some additional piles of the powder in the lower, central portion of the Natural Area too.

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