Mitch Schneiter

Date of volunteer work: 07/09/2018.
Site Name: Veteran’s Creek Natural Area.
Number of hours worked: 2.
Field notes:

Unfortunately today I returned to Veterans Creek to pick up the same trash I picked up last time I cleaned this area. There was a mixup and the full trash bag I left for P&R pick up sat there for 5 days and then somebody carried it back into the Natural Area and emptied the bagged trash out along 50 feet of trail.
When I returned today I was further dismayed to find that someone since then had further scattered that trash around the area making a bigger mess. And more trash was added.
At a spot across the creek there was a mess left, graffiti on a tree, a baby powder container emptied out on the tree and down the bank and into the creek, broken glass on the ground and in the creek, nearby pile of human waste and toilet paper. And they broke up a bunch of Styrofoam into tiny bits making it impossible to pick up. Basically they made Styrofoam snow which will stay there forever or wash into the creek.
They had also tied 100’s of feet of strong black twine about 3 to 4 feet off the ground and snaking from tree to tree throughout that lower area on both sides of the creek.
Someone had also dumped a bunch of trash down the embankment and into the creek on the left just as you enter the natural area.
I bagged up all the trash and left it for pickup by P&R. It was picked up later in the day.

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