Interpretive Panels for Johnson Creek MAX Station Boardwalk

The final design of the interpretive panels is finished!   The example to the left is the fifth panel, “Restored Habitat”.

To see all five panels, click here.

These panels will be installed along the Johnson Creek Interpretive Boardwalk, being built in 2014 at the  Tacoma Street /  Johnson Creek MAX station.

Join the growing number of individuals and local businesses supporting this project (see list below) and have your, a loved one’s, or your business’s name engraved on the boardwalk’s handrail.  Just click on the following link.   Johnson Creek Boardwalk_fundraising brochure

Donors / engraved names

Oregon Worsted Company

Johnson-Bell Arts

Padulo Family – Edie, Jude, Molly, Joe

Reverend’s BBQ

Travel Portland

Oaks Amusement Park

Hayden, Elise, and Evan Hubbard

New Seasons Market

Jason C. Howard

Les Schwab

Julia and Evan Urman

Marty Urman and Perry Rikli

Walker Emulsions Inc.

Rowan Sarmac Clark

Quillan Sarmac Clark

Sitka Technology Group

Pleasant Valley Wildside Crew

Celeste Mazzacano and Denise Searles

Susan Safford

Barbara, Scott, Anna, and Seamus Kelly

Justin Miller and Michelle Petruzzi

Celebrate Milwaukie, Inc.

Richard Griffin

Bill McCracken and Pam Husband

Mary G. Clark and Craig R. Schaffer

Ardenwald – Johnson Creek Neighborhood Association

Daniela loves Aaron and Norah

The Dehen Family

Walt and Vicki Mintkeski

The UPS Store Sellwood

Nishal Budden-Cara

East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District

Grandma Kippenberger

Fred Monberg

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

The Stefanick Family

Nancy Walsh and Family

Lucy Zimmerman

Jack Zimmerman

Acacia Blackwell

Colin Quisenberry

Calhoun Blackwell

Carrigan Blackwell

Conan Blackwell

Cormac Blackwell

Campbell Clyde Blackwell

Evan Boly

Hogun Dowsett

Bridget Boly

Quinn Boly

Benjamin and Lucy Kin

Michael Babbit and Ellen Bartholomew

In Memory of Roger L. Meyer

Russ Elwood Stoll

Marijke Maurine Stoll

Travis Russell Stoll

Steve Fishler Katie MacCready

Joe Keating and Cathy Geiger

Amber and Derek Geiger

Amy Lodholz and Virgil Llewellyn

Maxwell, Koby, and Asher Seelig

Friends of Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge

Brent and Shannah

Elise Albert and Jim Davis

Andrew Sihler and John Tallman

Kathy Kuivila and David Schoellhamer

Stacey Schubert and Catania Piumarta

Ken and Arthur Campbell

Edward H. and M. Delaney Anne Lyden

The Fulker-Junes: Dana, Jamie & Bridger

Leta Falconer

Carlotta Collette

Herrigel Tylinski Family

Kendall Herrick

Spencer Lovell 2006

Gary & Sharon Klein Family

Naomie Gallagher

Jennifer, Jason, Fisher  & Cleo Williamson

Gail F. Davis & Douglas D. Kelley

Lopez Family – Sergio, Amanda, & Geno

Brian, Robin, Bryn, and Baby Pyper-Jenkinson

Stoll Berne

Casey Wilson Allen

Abby Sarmac and Matt Clark

Emma Shook

Viktors Berstis and Sylvia Gray

Eric, Mary, and Naomi Fosgard

Barbara Schroeder

Don & Reta Olund – Lisa & Chris – Deanna & David

Stephen Bachhuber

John Burns and Day Ronnau Milport Arms

Jonas Murray, Grandma D & Grandpa Sam

Charles Henry Parker

Dan and Cathy Schaeffer

Haley Schaeffer

Nadine Morris – Healthy Streams Forever

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