So Good, Too Brief–Thank You, Blue 7!

Our six weeks with this year’s AmeriCorps NCCC team went by in about a month and a half. It felt much shorter, though! JCWC offers heartfelt thanks to the Blue 7 team, who helped put well over 5,000 new native plants in the ground, worked with more than 100 students, and provided huge help to Courtney by recruiting volunteer groups for Watershed Wide Event and taking care of other important data and photo management tasks around the office. Curious about their experiences working with JCWC (and at Camp Namanu, where they stayed)? Check out their team leader’s blog. The team is now safely ensconced in the Grants Pass area, where they are serving at a wildlife rehabilitation facility. We miss them already, and wish them all the best!

Three cheers for Blue 7!
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