Date of volunteer work: 06/19/2018.
Site Name: Johnson Creek Park (East and West).
Number of hours worked: 1.0.
Field notes:

I began on the east side. The sign that mentions flooding was taken down and resting at the bottom of the pole. The middle section of the east side was noticeably dry compared to the past two years and could be from the debris left from last winter’s whacking. The path to the north end is lush and green and overgrown and very creepy due to limited visibility. I walked very carefully and quietly in case there was a camp and there was not. However, there was a tripwire (photo attached) which I crossed and saw evidence of the former camp from a while back (clothes, trash, deflated tent). I did not take any trash and decided to head over to the west side of the park to be with the nannies and toddlers and stone skippers. The path on the peninsula is blocked from a fallen tree but I’m not sure if that’s intentional. A great blue heron swooped in and landed in the creek but I couldn’t snap a picture fast enough. All in all it was a beautiful day and great to see people out enjoying the west side of the park.

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