Date of volunteer work: 07/28/2018.
Site Name: Tideman Johnson.
Number of hours worked: 1.0.
Field notes:

I parked in the lot at the Springwater trailhead and headed west along the paved path. The railing of the observation deck, just before the path that leads to the boardwalk area, had been hacked with maybe an axe, hatchet, machete? (Photo attached). I continued to the boardwalk area which is free of overgrowth but the wetland area is littered with those wine cartons again. The new fencing remains intact! I headed down to the creek from the side path and saw a young elderberry ripening, water skimmers, and the other new fencing that is still holding up. Vegetation is still pretty high. Once it dies back and visibility less obscured, I’ll explore the perimeter. On the way back I did observe one person coming down the steep hill with their bike. There was a camp at the top back in late spring. I did not go up to see if it had returned.

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