Date of volunteer work: 08/14/2018.
Site Name: Brannen Property.
Number of hours worked: 1.30.
Field notes:

Minutes after I arrived, a man on a bike rode up, parked his bike on S.E. 21st, hopped the fence of the property and headed to a little hidden area by the Springs to gather his belongings and head on out. I cut back the cottonwood that was taking over the triangle area and hope once fall begins it will be treated. I left the branches in the spot where mulch is supposed to be delivered. I walked around, picked up trash and noticed someone’s I.D. tossed in the brush which I retrieved. All for the same person. Then I went to work on the pokeweed at the guardrail near S.E. Tenino on 21st. I put all the flower heads in a bag, cut the plant back but did not dig out. I believe the root system is pretty deep and straight and it would be pretty hard this time of year to get out. I know where it is and will keep my eyes out for regrowth. I went to Johnson Creek Park on the west side to deposit the pokeweed and trash into the container and took a quick walk down to the creek. A bunch of campers were hanging out. Some of the younger tree branches, on both sides of the creek, look like they’ve been sawed off and were just laying either in the creek or alongside.

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