Date of volunteer work: 09/12/2018.
Site Name: Tideman/Johnson.
Number of hours worked: 1.5.
Field notes:

There was a camp just before milepost 6.5 and north of Springwater that I did not report because, on the way back, the guy was packing up and it seemed he left with all his gear. The other camp just beyond the large, round, concrete thing is still there. It is pretty well hidden. I reported it again. I spent some time talking to a couple of people I see regularly who asked that I please request PP&R to put up a sign at both ends of the side loop to prohibit bicyclists from riding down in the boardwalk area. Too many blind spots! The wire mesh that is tacked down on the boardwalk is coming up in several spots creating a tripping hazard. The same is true for the low bridge just beyond Tideman/Johnson. I picked up a little trash under the overpass. Along my travels, I noticed at least three little, dead things…one had a long tail (not a rat), one had no tail. I did see some living things…tons of birds, squirrels and one rabbit. I am hoping to enlist one volunteer at the next Tideman/Johnson gathering in October to accompany me on a walk through the fenced area and creekside

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