Sue Hayes

Date of volunteer work: 10/30/2017.
Site Name: Johnson Creek Park.
Number of hours worked: 0.
Species removed: none.
Estimated percent cover before removaln/a.
Approximate square feet of invasives removedn/a.

It was a sad, short visit at the site this day. The first thing I noticed was a person heading into the area and their tent just beyond the sign that says no alcohol. I went to the north end of the park and the flat, open area was strewn with all kinds of debris left from a small abandoned camp including clothing hanging from trees. As i went back the way I came, I saw another small, abandoned camp with a bicycle wheel, an empty shopping cart plus other items left behind. Plastic bags of trash were left along the concrete barrier that separates the park from the road. Another person was on the path that goes by the giant horse chestnut and leads to the creek. I did not feel comfortable enough to go in to check on anything else. Per the handbook, I reported this to the ranger email address provided and included pictures I’d taken. On November 5th, I walked along the Springwater to get a different vantage point of the park from the overpass above Johnson Creek and just a bit more to the east. From there I could see at least one, possibly two, more camp/s that I couldn’t see from ground level on my previous visit. Also, more debris along that path and more clothing hanging from trees close to the creek. I will check back later this week to see if the rangers came by since my walk from November 5th. The clean up will be pretty significant.

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