Canceled- Lents Park Nature Patch

_____________________________________ Event Canceled due to COVID19 see statement here. __________________________________________________________________________________       Portland Parks & Recreation is creating a nature patch at Lents Park – improving habitat for birds and pollinators, adding interesting natural features to explore, and creating places to enjoy. This new natural landscape includes lots of flowering native plants, split-rail fencing, […]

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CANCELLED- Powell Butte Prairie-Nesting Bird Surveyor Training 2020

=============== “JCWC is postponing indefinitely our Community Science bird surveys at Powell Butte this spring because of public health concerns. We know our surveyors have been looking forward to year #2 of these surveys, we believe it is best to postpone these surveys to such a time when directions from our Governor on social distancing […]

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Habitat Enhancement at Errol Heights- CANCELED

_____________________________________ Event Canceled due to COVID19 see statement here. __________________________________________________________________________________   Join Portland Parks & Recreation and the Friends of Errol Heights to complete important ecological enhancement projects at this little gem of a Park. Please RSVP HERE   Task: Native plantings, litter pick up, invasive species removal! No experience necessary! Wear long thick pants, a […]

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(活动取消) 一起来建个美丽的集雨园吧! Portland Chinese Community Rain Garden Workshop

大家好,  我是Theresa, 因应波特兰地区COVID-19疫情愈发严重,我们将取消这周六的集雨园活动。 集雨园将在这周内搭建完成,各位若经过欢迎参观,很遗憾这次活动无法跟大家一起讨论,将来若疫情好转将会视情况另外举办讲座。 谢谢大家的支持与谅解! 想要一個看起來不太一樣的庭院嗎? 來學習雨洪管理的環境益處及怎麼在自家搭建一個集雨園吧! 为防疫冠状病毒,活动会提供消毒喷雾、酒精喷雾供大家现场使用、食物及饮料将用免洗盘子盛装 前往這裡註冊 *This event is intended for the Chinese community and will be held in Chinese* About this Event 集雨园,又称“雨水花园”,是一种用于汇集雨水、增强室外景观美感的碗形花坛,它能够收集并吸收在屋顶、车道以及任何硬表面上的积水,并将雨水引流进土地。 集雨园不仅能美化你的后花园,还能帮我们改善雨水渗透来减少污水费开销。 快来参加我们的集雨园宣讲会吧! 您会了解到关于集雨园的好处及如何在自家后院搭建一个集雨园。 ~活动会提供午餐~ 活动流程: – 11:00                 室内讲解雨洪管理及集雨园 – 12:00 ~ 12:45 午餐 及 Q&A – 12:45 ~ 2:15    室外体验植株种植 […]

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Watershed Wide 2020

Join us for Johnson Creek Watershed Council’s largest restoration event of the year! For nearly 50 years, local residents have worked tirelessly to restore, repair, and clean Johnson Creek. We are proud to have been part of this grassroots legacy for the past 25 of these years. 22nd Annual Watershed Wide Event  Johnson Creek is […]

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