The Spring Equinox is upon us!

The spring equinox (AKA vernal, March, or Northward equinox) occurs every year in the Northern Hemisphere on March 20. On this day, the sun aligns directly with the earth’s equator, making the length of day and night roughly equal and marking the first day of spring. This celestial alignment also brings many changes in the natural world and within the Johnson Creek watershed.

Keep your eye out for newly emerged queen bees, frogs and toads in search of ponds to spawn, garter snakes, and lizards. Worms and worm castings have been emerging from the ground since the full moon on March 1st, enticing the migrant birds who feast on them. Native plant species like red-flowering currant, willow, Oregon grape, Indian plum -and dozens of others- are budding and blooming all around us. In fact, for many people, the blooming of Indian plum marks the first day of spring.

As the cold of winter begins to ebb and spring is bursting anew, there are many ways you can honor the new season. Explore a new park or natural area in the Portland area, sow some seeds, or take this opportunity to learn some birdcalls and songs. If you’d like to get involved in some of the spring events at JCWC, check out one of our upcoming restoration events like Crystal Spring Partnership’s Work Party at Fire Station 20 on March 25, or sign up to volunteer at any one of our upcoming events!

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