Tideman Johnson

Date of survey: 02/18/2017
Volunteers: Jacob Stone, Kimber Nelson

The creek was quite high so visibility was limited. We didn’t see any fish or redds, but enjoyed exploring the creek banks and found beaver and nutria tracks as well as seeing Canada geese, mallards, and Northern flickers and lots of interesting plants. The spot that is tricky to navigate is about half way through the route a huge tree has fallen into the creek and blocks passage on the banks as well. We climbed back up toward the main path, over the little fence, and then on the other side of the tree climbed back down over the fence. (I’m short and the fence is low enough for me to get over.) We chatted with several people who told us about how the creek has changed over time, helped a man find his homeless son’s camp, and then ran into the JCWC native planting party that just happened to be on our route. A fellow volunteer shared his experiences with fish in Johnson Creek, including ideas for helping fish find their way back into the creek system. Lovely day.

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