What does it mean to stand in solidarity?

June 4, 2020

The murder of yet another black person by the police, the white woman who weaponized race by calling 911 on a black bird watcher in Central Park and so many other recent examples of government and individual violence against black people are evidence that racial violence in the United States is as rampant as ever.

These incidents remind us here at Johnson Creek Watershed Council that we cannot have environmental justice without racial justice. Our work must begin with reforms to the justice system. We support the non-violent protests continuing around the country as a necessary step to raise awareness of this issue and to put pressure on elected leaders for institutional reform. We encourage everyone to speak up in whatever way we can.

These events have harmful impacts to all of us, especially to many of the groups we work with in our watershed. As a community organization working for change, we stand together. If we as a community can work together to restore an urban creek, we also have the power to look inward to change our attitudes and work to dismantle systemic racism.

We’re asking ourselves “How can we stop racist violence? What can we do to help? ” We invite you to take these steps with us:

Educate ourselves, and self-reflect on our individual biases.

Advocate for public greenspace policies that provide equitable access and benefits for the most marginalized members of our community.

Speak out. We will seek out our elected officials: contact them! Let them know our thoughts on these critical issues. Speak out by voting. We will speak up when we encounter racism in its many forms.

Join Become civically engaged: join a commission or board, volunteer. So, what does it mean to stand in solidarity?

When the protests end, we need to keep up our momentum in this work together. Solidarity is an ongoing process. 

For more resources on actions we can take, places to donate, and resources to facilitate our personal anti-racist work, check out this great list from Resolutions Northwest or visit their website.

From the Johnson Creek Watershed Council,

Daniel Newberry
Executive Director

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