Mitch Schneiter

Date of volunteer work: 1/28/2018. Site Name: Indian Creek Natural Area. Number of hours worked: 3.5. The Parks staff are aware of the graffiti. Last year an illegal camper scraped most the bark off one of the trees. Later someone then spray painted purple writing on the debarked tree. Besides picking up trash today I […]

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Hanna Heddy

Date of volunteer work: 1/28/2018. Site Name: Foster floodplains. Number of hours worked: 2. Trash was scattered here and there, but not enough to call it an active camp. There was a shopping cart off the trail 100 feet towards the right, near the middle section of the natural area. Saw coyote scat, rabbit fur, […]

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Sue Hayes

Date of volunteer work: 01/25/2018. Site Name: Tideman Johnson. Number of hours worked: 1.45. I started the visit from the parking lot and headed west, then took the side loop towards the boardwalk area. There was a shopping cart with clothing in and around it and trash (including a mattress) just beyond the cart below […]

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Date of volunteer work: 05/31/2017. Site Name: Hayes. Number of hours worked: 1.5. Species removed: none. Estimated percent cover before removal0. Approximate square feet of invasives removed0. Contrary to popular belief, not every visit of a park steward has the glamour and allure of removing blackberry canes the size of a baby’s leg or becoming […]

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