Big Bioswale Beautification-Thank you Volunteers!

Last month volunteers flocked to St. Mary Ethiopian Orthodox Church to help out with their annual summer cleaning. Way back in 2013 St Mary’s partnered with Johnson Creek Watershed Council and Depave to install a large rain garden in the church parking lot to prevent the church from flooding in the future. Since then, JCWC and St. Mary have partnered to keep the bioswale functioning at tiptop shape.

Members of St. Mary Ethiopian Orthodox Church cutting back rushes in the bioswale.

With the threat of rain ever looming we enjoyed a beautiful morning working with community members. This year we were joined by over 25 volunteers that weeded, raked, and hauled 6 truck loads of plant material off site. After working for the morning we sat down together to enjoy a feast of homemade Ethiopian food.

Volunteers weeding and cutting back vegetation in the north end of the parking lot.

This event takes place every year just before the church has their annual celebration. Thank you so much to all the volunteers that were able to join us and to St. Mary for being incredible hosts! We’ll see you next year!

Volunteers celebrating a morning of hardwork and community building before enjoying homemade Ethiopian food.
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