Crystal Springs Creek, from Bybee Blvd to Reed Canyon Lake

Date of survey: 04/01/2017
Volunteers: Maggie Starr, Jon Feldhausen

Lots of golf balls in the soft-bottomed stream as we headed out through the golf course, but it got gravelier and less golf-bally as we got further from the driving range. We got very up close and personal with a few Canadian Geese, and found a dead carp before slipping under the fence at the end of the golf course and walking around to the road and doubling back on some creek on residential property.

From there, we crossed 28th and proceeded through a lovely, natural stretch of creek unto Reed Canyon. We found a couple dozen discarded Christmas trees, which was a surprise, and enjoyed splashing through the creek, but didn’t see any signs of lamprey or steelhead.

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