Lora Martin

Date of volunteer work: 02/24/2016.
Site Name: Foster Floodplain.
Number of hours worked: 2.
Species removed: English ivy, Himalayan blackberry.
Estimated percent cover before removal80% for ivy.
Approximate square feet of invasives removed8(?) feet of ivy.

As I always begin my time here, I did a garbage sweep of the parking area, and then over by the old bridge. All total, about a small plastic garbage bag full.

I then went to an area where I had cleared English ivy from around a group of pine trees and one pear tree last year, and pulled some vines that were creeping back.

My next stop was to the fence by the willow tree next to the creek that I did not finish removing last year and was able to get rid of another section. I realized it is time to get my wire cutters sharpened!

The last task was to go check the area by the old pond, and I pulled a few Himalayan blackberry vines from there.

I spoke with a couple people who thanked me for volunteering, and were very appreciative of the area – always nice to here!

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