Mitch Schneiter

Date of volunteer work: 10/14/2018.
Site Name: Indian Creek Natural Area.
Number of hours worked: 0.25.
Field notes:

I walked to Indian Creek Natural Area this morning with the intention of picking up trash. As I approached the Natural Area I observed a white van parked right at the start of the newly built trail. As I got closer I saw two men walk out of the bushes in the central area and onto the trail. One was putting on his jacket and adjusting his pants. If I had to bet I’d bet they were up there pooping. Unfortunately a regular occurrence there.
I had planned on entering there but avoided them and continured along the street instead and to the creek. I climbed the steep trail up to the boulders above the creek where I saw new trash scattered around.
I then spotted 2 or 3 tents and a tarp at the flat spot just south of the boulders and 2 people nearby.
Not feeling safe there I decided to leave the area then and not pick up trash today. No doubt there will be plenty more I’ll have to pick up after they finally leave. As always.
I called the Ranger line to report the illegal campers but had to just leave a message since the operator line is now closed on weekends.

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